Things to Consider Before Purchasing Electric Unicycle

Are you looking for fun in your daily life? Well, why not! Everyone should have something in hand that can make them relaxed and helps to get rid of their stressful day. We have brought you a fantastic option, “the electric unicycle,” for your fun ride.

The electric unicycle is a one-wheel personal transportation device that is becoming popular with the passing days because it’s unique, fun, and exciting. So, if you haven’t purchased one till now, it’s the best time to bring it home.

However, before stepping into the market, there are some essential factors that you need to consider to avoid frustrated and confusing shopping. Hopefully, this article will cut your list to one.

Let’s dive in!

1. Choose the Right Brand

Whenever it comes to innovative and electric gadgets, avoid the local market and only pick the brand products. As for the brand’s quality, you can easily find their customer reviews online, which are pretty fair and helpful.

Countless brands in the market are selling epic electric unicycles. A few of them are Gotway, Kingsong, Inmotion, Solowheel Glide, Swagtron Swagroller, and others. Check each brand’s official website and choose the one wisely.

2. The Size is Important

The unicycles are pretty different than any other transportation device as it consists of only one wheel, and there is no handling or seat in it. The average size of the wheel is ~17-inches. The selection of size highly depends on age.

16-inches are the perfect size for adults, and 17 & 18 are also considerable for heavier people. Remember, the larger is intimidating to control if you are not strong enough.

3. Check the Battery Watts

The electric unicycles contain batteries for their functioning. The battery capacity ranges from 130 to almost 800 watts. Low watt battery is safe for the kids, and you can choose the higher options based on your need & traveling time.

4. Focus on the Given Features

The unicycles come up with two types of features; safety and fancier. The safety features are designed to keep the rider safe as it’s hard to travel with them, and fancier features make the unicycle more appealing and attractive. A few of these features include;

Safety Features: No sudden Stoppage/break, low battery indicator

Fancier Features: LED lights, foldable handle, sturdy speaker

5. Miles-Per-Charge

When it comes to how much distance you want to cover daily with your unicycle, it has various options from 15-40 miles per charge. If you’re going to use the cycle for the short distance, the primary range would be better, but for everyday routine, selects the higher range.

Benefits of Electric Unicycles

  • Electric unicycles are not only attractive and fun, but there is a lot more for you to stand out in the crown!
  • Electric unicycles don’t need too much maintenance. You need to refuel them once in a while. Other than refueling, no more significant issues have been addressed till now.
  • Unicycles’ smaller and foldable design makes them an easy option to pack in a bag. You can carry these cycles anywhere & anytime.

The One-Minute Thinking Points

  • Expensive than simple bicycles and scoters, start from more than 100$
  • Need experience and practice to learn, otherwise can be much more dangerous than your thinking
  • The traveling road should be in good condition to ride the cycle


Here in this article, we have desired all the crucial points that you need to think about before purchasing your electric unicycle. Try not to ignore any of the facts mentioned earlier if you don’t want to waste your money.

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